BamSukkaTv:8 Bars #1: Pawz One

Published on Mar 8, 2015

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Pawz One in the first installment of BamsukkaTv: 8 Bars. Produced by Bootface. Video by Bob Daff. Pick up Pawz One’s new album Face The Facts at: Also look out for Pawz One on his 2015 European Tour along with SxSw
Pawz One Contact info:

BamSukkaTv: 8 Bars # 2: Masta of Ceremoniez

Published on Mar 10, 2015

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8 Bars of audio/video from Masta of Ceremoniez taken from his part of the upcoming BamSukkaTv 2 Track/video produced by G Swizz. Video by Bob Daff. Masta Ceremoniez formerly of the Desert Banditz has joined the American Poets 2099 squad and is dropping a new album with Pro The Leader under the group name Shield Enforcers.

Pro The Leader, Masta of Ceremoniez, Nova-Kane & Bootface Live…
Filmed on 2/26/15 at The Observatory in Santa Ana,CA by G Swizz & Killa Kammi; edited by Bob Daff. The American Poets 2099 in the building opening for GZA.

Mic Moses feat C4MULA and Ne3tron: Stand Tall

Released on February 29th 2012 Leap Day

American Poets 2099 feat C-Rayz Walz :Muderous 2 (Official Music Video)

Released on Apr 4th 2012
American Poets 2099 featuring C-Rayz Walz in their second music video together entitled “Murderous 2.” 
Video by : Bob Daff

Christ Bearer: 4 Sho Sho Still (Official Music Video)


Released on May 11th 2012

Skarekrow produced this Christ Bearer of Northstar track which is a sequel to the classic Hip Hop track 4 Sho Sho from The Ghost Dog Soundtrack.
Video By: Bob Daff